Title: Exhausted
Author: SplishySplash
Genre: Friendship/fluff
Pairing: Mako/Korra
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I own it, okay? Well, just the plot.
Summary: Korra was giving 110% of her effort to everything, but sometimes she just needs a break.
A/N: This is from Book One

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2 Fics: "Among Some Talk of You and Me" (T/M | 2,000w), "You, Entire" (M | 2,000w)

Title: Among Some Talk of You and Me
Summary: “Time for you and time for me / And time yet for a hundred indecisions / And for a hundred visions and revisions…” 50 themed sentences about Korra/Mako for 1sentence.
Character/s | Pairing/s: Korra/Mako
Genre: Romance
Rating: T/borderline M
Word Count: 2,000~
Notes: Some AU-ness, written before the show premiered.

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Title: You, Entire
Summary: Korra knows that the first time’s never perfect and all that, but Mako wants to get this right.
Character/s | Pairing/s: Mako/Korra
Genre: Romance
Rating: M
Word Count: 2,000~

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By: musicxxangel
Rated: G
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korra/ Mako if you squint really hard
Word Count: 265
Disclaimer: I don't own LoK
Notes: Not beta'ed. Looking for one, any takers? Fic Bakeoff challenge prompt Rise
Story Summary: Korra attempts to bake a cake.

Story: Somno Veritatem

Title: Somno Veritatem
Characters: Mako, Korra, Asami
Rating: T for mild content
Summary: In sleep he sings to her, only in dreams can he come, and he utters her name in a tone that she does not think she will ever hear. Rated for mild content.
Word Count: ~600
Other notes: Mild Masami presence. Post. . .episode 7 (?)



Girl Wake by icon_goddess


Title: Perfect
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Mako/Korra
Summary: He thinks this is perfect. There is nothing more that can be right and she just feels so good.

Chapter 3 is up.

Title:  Girl Problems
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Mako/Korra, Zuko
Summary: Zuko offers sage advice to Mako.
A/N:  Another ficbending prompt.

Title: Just Not In Public
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairing: Mako/Korra
Summary: Korra has a problem with PDA.
A/N:  So many ficbending prompts.